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So Halloween is over – and Christmas is right around the corner. Although it’s a little busy, November actually does offer us a natural pause. I like to try to look at it this way. In California, the weather still allows for outdoor time and I have been taking the opportunity to get plenty of fresh air while I still can. I have been enjoying beautiful hikes in my own neighborhood- the redwood parks nearby.  It takes an extra 10 minutes to drive there but the mind shift I receive from doing so takes me a world away. I honestly get my best inspiration and ideas from those redwood trees- seriously- it does wonders for the creativity to completely change my perspective. What better way to do that than to physically “DO IT.” I can’t believe there are such amazing outdoor spaces right in my own “backyard.” I truly feel like I am in complete wilderness (and I mean that in the best possible way) There are winding creeks, towering redwoods, winding oak trees and lush carpets of greenery. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that has it’s own slice of nature, use it to fuel your creativity and bring you fresh ideas.  It could be a body of water, mountains, meadows or a park.   It’s an amazing natural world out there. I highly recommend that you find the pause in your day or week that feeds your soul in this way.  Often found in nature, “the pause”  can be a touchstone for grounding me and connecting me to what I most need to hear from within at a given time. I would love to hear from some of you about how you push the pause button and get this time to connect with yourself.

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