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A few weeks ago I joined a group of 7 other extaordinary women entrepreneurs at a retreat at a beautiful hotel in Westlake CA. We worked on our businesses and gained clarity about what we wanted to create in the upcoming year. In addition to lots of movement and shifts I recognize 6 personal takeaways that have stuck with me from the time we spent together. These are things I have to re-learn all the time but they are important.

1. Don’t compare yourself to those around you. This goes for biz and life. Period.
2. Stay out of judging people and sizing people up with first impressions. Every time I slip and do this, I then learn the story and realize why I was wrong to do this.
3. Everyone has a story and everyone is dealing with something. It may be different than your something but it is just as important.
4. Unplugging from real life is where the creativity and magic can happen.
5. Women together are a powerful force and connecting with like minded women keeps you moving in the direction you want to go and you can stay inspired!
6. We all need a tribe. Who’s yours?

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