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The latest internet game craze brings us “Draw Something” A one-on-one Pictionary style game. You send the drawings back and forth over phone or pad and your opponent (or friend) guesses and draws something for you to guess.

I have honestly never been a “gamer” but recently joined the bandwagon with Words with friends and now this. I actually find it a great way to have a little causal contact and lots of laughs with my 83 year old mom. Never considering myself an artist, I approached this with the opportunity to learn something about myself and the brain. I have definitely learned a few things from this game that are metaphors for real life.

  1. It is often not the object itself, but what is added in around it, that gives it context and meaning and makes it recognizable. For example I may not see or guess sofa until a lamp is added next to it.
  2. Using this right side of the brain to try to communicate something to someone else…(visually) is a good exercise for me… what is it I need to show them completely so they “get” what I am trying to say?
  3. When I am receptive and just watch them draw (ie: listen with my eyes) my intuition will often come up with the word for the picture WAY before I might expect.

SO with all that said, I also just love finding my inner artist and am enjoying lots of laughs along the way.

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