Jane Inch

Personal Coach

I'm Jane, a Certified Life Coach with a passion for working with modern women who are ready to redefine midlife and "break the mold” in the search for fulfillment and balance. I focus on lifestyle and integrative wellness, with compassion, humor and purpose.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with community leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. I have helped self-described 'stay-at-home moms' to launch creative businesses and successful nonprofit work. We deconstruct  cultural influences and unhealthy diet mentality and eliminate numerous negative patterns that get in the way of living fully.

With a particular interest in helping Empty Nesters shift back into full life, I guide those who have been on the sidelines helping everyone else achieve their dreams — to get to the work in the world they are craving, and purposefully create their own dream life. 

I help women redefine success and beauty so they can feel amazing on the inside and out, stop living according to external expectations and create a meaningful life and legacy.

I offer one on one coaching, small group workshops and retreats, and 'Girls Night In' --- delicious evening gatherings served with a side dish of coaching! 

To me, personal growth work is the light on the path to a well lived life. 

I hope you will join me on the journey. 


What's your "break the mold" move?