I have always been a seeker...

.… studying yoga, integrative health, and personal development — discovering beautiful things and fabulous places — creating a home that warms the heart. My desire has been to find the intersection of a dynamic lifestyle (including the yummy goodies!),  balanced by soulful, meaningful and conscious awareness. On my journey, I have gained insights and tools which I feel compelled to share, and in 2006, I discovered that ‘coaching' could actually become my profession.  My own experiences in moving through the many transitions women face leave me uniquely positioned to support your path to a joyful ‘what’s next’.

I am passionate about inspiring modern women to redefine midlife, as they come to understand and personalize what relevance, clarity, and empowerment mean in their own lives. 

For many years my primary job was raising my two sons, now 24 and 26. My husband Bert and I live in the same Bay Area community where we both grew up, and love attending football games in the fall at our Alma Mater, UC Berkeley. The rest of the year, you can find me exploring our beloved native California and beyond, singing karaoke, and hiking. I also love drinking coffee and doing pilates and yoga. (Yes, in that order.)

There is nothing I love more than an October sunset over the San Francisco skyline. Inhaling the air while walking in the Redwoods. Sitting in my kitchen chatting with my grown sons.

It is the beauty of these simple everyday moments that truly makes my life complete.

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Accreditations and certifications:

Bachelor of Arts

UC Berkeley, Social Sciences

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach 

The Coaches Training Institute, CPCC  

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Dream Coach

Dream University, CDC

Leadership Program Graduate - 1 year

Coaches Training Institute

Certified Yoga Teacher

CYT Piedmont Yoga Studio, 750 hour

Advanced Studies Program

Pilates Instructor 

The Physical Mind Method