There Are No Accidents

This past week I ran a few errands on Fourth Street in Berkeley. As I hopped in my car and drove along Highway 80, I suddenly felt an urge to call Kirsten, a dear old friend — she lives in Monterey, and we hadn’t talked or seen each other in over a year. Hoping to catch her, I summoned Siri, “Call Kirsten Axell.” As always, Kirsten answered with a clever comment which made me laugh, and then added, “You’ll never guess where I am!” She continued, “I’m on Highway 80 just driving past Berkeley.” “No way!” I gasped. “I’m on Highway 80 just driving past Berkeley! ” We realized we were probably about 100 yards away from each other. ”Can you have lunch?” “Yes!”, and we enjoyed an unplanned, much needed, soul-centering catch up.

I didn’t really have time in my day for lunch with a friend. Wearing sweats and Uggs, with no makeup and dirty hair (don’t care!), with a million things to do. And yet…so much to talk about. So many answers for each of us. After lunch I got back in my car with a renewed sense of clarity and calm, and a sense of ease about the commitment to complete the tasks ahead of me that day (and week - and month). Kirsten is not often in Berkeley (where we shared a few years of school together), and just happened to be driving home from Tahoe. We were clearly in the right place, at the right moment.

What I know: this was not an accident. These are the moments that happen when I listen. Listen to that urge to just pick up the phone and call the person who comes to mind. You never know what answers may come your way. 

As the holidays approach we get busier, and our plates often become even fuller during this season of our lives. Remember to pay attention to the little flashes of inspiration that come into your mind, and listen to yourself. Pick up the phone. Pull over for the lunch. (Even in sweats!) Don’t wait just because life is crazy and you don’t have time. Squeeze those little joys into the corners of your lives, and create the time; it may just be the fuel you need to inspire you to keep on going. Synchronicity and magic doesn’t always happen on your schedule.

Jane Inch