A recent visit to Hawaii served as a nice reminder of the importance of ritual in our lives.

One of the aspects of island living I love most is the ceremony at days end — everyone stops what they’re doing to gather on the shore and watch the magical moment as the sun drops into the Pacific.

During my coach training I learned about the significance and power of ritual for us as humans. Ritual is something that encourages awareness, and allows us to become more conscious of feelings; to feed us, ground us, and bring us back to ourselves. I’m not really talking about the daily rituals of setting an early alarm to kick-start the day, drinking a superfood smoothie, or going to the gym —  I mean the simple pleasures in life that celebrate and connect us.

Offering gratitude for a beautiful sunset, finding intention in a morning meditation practice, lighting a candle for cozy togetherness when you sit down to dinner ...  rituals are essential to our emotional and spiritual health.

Inspiration. Relaxation. Enjoyment. Gratitude.

Where can you add ritual and meaning to help reconnect you to your own life?