Falling Off the Wagon


My Wednesday routine leads me across a Bay Area bridge to beautiful Marin County for a standing 11 o’clock appointment, and the return trip invariably includes a stop at Farmshop in the Marin Country Mart. I usually belly up to a solo seat at the long hand-sculpted wooden bar, chat with the bartender (who, like my son, is a former high school lacrosse player) and order my favorite salad and iced tea. Lunch may be followed by a quick visit to a few go-to shops in the Mart, and I return home — continuing with the routine of my Hump day.

Last week was rainy and gray outside, and I felt so content enjoying the ambience of this cozy restaurant. I was struck with a thought: What would happen if I blew off the rest of my day, sat here and enjoyed a drink (or two!) chatting, relaxing, maybe meeting a few new people? How would it feel to pull an 'irresponsible' move like this? In other words, what would it be like to fall off the wagon of my life?

There is more to life than rolling along through my to-do list, and the predictable autopilot of the Pilates appointment, the grocery store, the hike I need to take, the visit I need to make, the errands I need to run. Why do we create more excuses for reasons NOT to take a break from routine and responsibilities than we do finding reasons for why we should?

So lately, I have been curious. I’m carrying this concept forward and asking myself, where do I need to "fall off the wagon of my life"? Where am I confined by the structure of a routine that does not encourage me to grow, the relationships that are familiar but may no longer serve me, the "Have To's" created over years of answering to schedules, routines and calendars. Or, how about this: Why not sit at that inviting Farmshop bar and have a drink simply because it just SOUNDS GOOD? And really, it's not just about having a drink. It's about doing whatever it is to break up my current pattern of rigidity. I invite you to explore this notion with me! Where can we fall off the wagons of our lives and rise up into something new? What road might we land on? I look forward to hearing about your travels.