Note to Self: Mind Your Own Wellness

When it comes to your wellness, you need to be informed.

wellness and antibiotics
wellness and antibiotics

Those who know me well know  quite well how inflamed I can get about the whole over-use of antibiotics issue and wellness. I don't mean to get preachy, but people, we do need to be educated. This is Health Sciences 101 and  we are creating a huge health threat by popping these pills every time we get a virus.  I know there are people who call the doctor every time they get the sniffles in order to get a Z-Pack. Really NOT a great idea and if you don't understand why, you owe it to yourself to read up on this.

A few useful links I found at the beginning of flu season sum this topic up extremely well. I felt with the recent influx of Spring cold season they were worth sharing again. I know it's tempting to believe that there are quick fixes out there for everything but with viruses, it is not the answer.

This article is an easy read and provides very useful information.

More information also included in link below...