The Dish on Fish

I love to eat fish —for it's taste and many health benefits- but I've never  loved cooking it at home. As much as I enjoy eating it, I just don’t like the smell when cooking it. Maybe it’s me, but even with the freshest fish from The Farmer’s Market (or my secret ingredient: frozen Wild Alaska Cod from Trader Joe’s), some recipes just seem to encourage a fishy aroma that sticks around. Recently, when I was at my brother’s house for dinner, he and his wife pulled out a tried-and-true, delicious, healthy, impressive favorite…because you know Barefoot Contessa will never let you down!

Always in search of an effortless recipe I can cook at home, this is now my new Spring and Summer favorite! I’m not sure what elevates this simple “Mustard Roasted Fish” dish to a memorable one, but I am sure that it’s delicious. It takes the mystery out of cooking fish — fast, easy, and doesn’t leave a fishy aroma behind. Enjoy.