My So Called (Fabulous) Life: The Highlight Reel

Confession - I really enjoy social media! My favorite platforms are Facebook and Instagram, and I have loved how it’s widened my world, and allowed me to connect - and reconnect - with people I don’t get to see often IRL (that’s In Real Life, Mom!). I adore the chance to see pictures of a childhood friend’s kid, or get general updates on a former colleague’s life in some distant part of the world. Social media has also been an effective way for me to help promote worthwhile events and wonderful activities, and follow the same from others. There is plenty of good in the social media world…plenty of not-so-good, too--but that’s another post. What gives me pause (and reminds me to revisit my personal Facebook & Instagram posting self-inquiries) are the online comments I sometimes receive from friends about how ‘lucky’ I am, to live such a ‘fabulous’ life. I agree that I am fortunate, and my life has plenty of fabulous moments - and those are usually the moments that I share - but, as my friend Joni Binder says…Facebook is the ‘highlight reel’! My Facebook and Instagram posts are authentic pieces of my life, but they usually are the best parts! My sad, low or anxious moments are shared IRL with my nearest and dearest…and yep, my unattractive photographs don't need to see the light of day on social media! I have as many every day frustrations and worries as anyone, but I don’t choose to post about the negatives. Facebook and Instagram serve as a collage of my life events, and I use the platforms as both a positive affirmation and vision board — I love looking through the collection of memories captured for reflection, my own ‘highlight reel’!

How do you use Facebook, or Instagram, or any of the many social media platforms?  Here are the questions I like to ask myself before I hit POST:

My three social media self-inquiries:

What is my intention and purpose with this post?

What kind of feedback might I be wanting?

Will this post serve to connect or disconnect me from others?