A Few Fabulous Finds (I Can’t Stop Talking About)

Sonic Ice

I was recently introduced, by my friend Kim, to another new obsession! It’s cold, crunchy and addictive. We were serving Mai Tais at a party and had an overwhelming craving for crushed ice to take the cocktails to the next level (holla, Trader Vic’s fans!) - and Kim said: We Need Sonic Ice! How have I lived so long without those little ice nuggets? Originating at the Sonic Drive-In - yes, you can actually pull up to the drive-through window and shout “I’ll have a burger, fries, and a bag of your addictive ice, please” - and bring this terrifically textured ice home to use in Mai Tais…or whatever you crave. The Sonic Ice craze has also inspired at-home copycat machines to create this magic ice in your own kitchen. You may not be surprised to hear that I am considering a countertop machine at my house…cocktails, anyone?


Amika Mighty Mini Dryer

I have always loved anything miniature (ponies, dollhouses, cupcakes), so this cute-as-a-button hairdryer immediately caught my eye. The travel-size dryer is quiet, powerful, and perfect for travel, and the stylish Pucci-esque packaging makes me smile. Amika also makes a tiny straightening iron - get your cuteness on!

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Unroll Me

Spring clean your inbox! I recently learned about this amazing technology tool (thanks, Alex Franzen), making it easy to declutter your mailbox. A cleaner inbox and a better way to manage email subscriptions? Sign me up! Unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and consolidate the rest into a convenient daily digest called the Rollup. A great way to edit your online life.

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Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake

If you grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may remember Blum’s Coffee Crunch Cake. Always a birthday party favorite, I’ve longed for this childhood favorite since Blum’s closed. The original Blum’s Bakeshop/Soda Fountain was located across from Union Square, and was a favorite lunch destination with my mother and grandmother. I recently learned there are a few bakeries in the city (Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop and Lotta’s Bakery) that sell the Original Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake. I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up one evening at my investment club group dinner; the delicious taste and textures (spongy, silky, crunchy) took me right back to the sweet memories I had long forgotten. You know what I'll be serving for special occasions at my house this year!

If you are into DIY baking the recipe is also online!


Smith & Cult Nail Polish

Jeanne Chavez, a friend from high school, has been a rockstar in the beauty industry. Co-creator of Hard Candy, which revolutionized nail color, she now brings us Smith & Cult - each eye-catching shade is inspired by a fictional character. I have been obsessed with these polishes since they first arrived on the beauty scene (my current favorite colors are 1972, Regret the Moon, and Sugarette).

Check out the beautiful polishes for yourself here



I've been waiting for this one to become available in my area for a long time…the blowdry specialist who comes to your home. There are several apps like this out there in various markets and I’m happy to report San Francisco has STYLEBEE. Skip the salon and take advantage of a hair or makeup beauty pro who comes to you! (Now I need to find the carwash version…)

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Colorize Your Keyboard

Thanks to following some clever gals on Instagram, I spotted a fun way to jazz up my work space! When it comes to color, you had me at blue - and a rainbow keyboard cover was something I just couldn't resist. An easy way to bring a touch of spring into your every day. All of the iBenzer products (in a multitude of colors) can be found on Amazon for next day delivery.

Keyboard Cover

Hard Case and Keyboard Cover