Meaningful Moments

My past week was defined by meaningful events and "moments," and looking back on the whirlwind of it all, it certainly feels like a message. Here are the snapshots:

  • A fun and festive engagement party in Malibu for my beautiful niece, who has found her perfect life partner at a young age
  • The beautiful wedding shower I hosted with a group for a dear friend who discovered love the second time around (after raising her kids) - with a wonderful guy
  • Dinner celebrating the 50th birthday of a long-time girlfriend with whom I’ve shared many years of the crazy-town ups-and-downs of being a mom
  • A memorial service for a lovely friend who passed away far too young

It was a "circle of life" week, and each of the events were celebrations of amazing, powerful women who have made a difference in the world. The first three occasions marked joyous life events - beginnings and new beginnings - and the last a celebration of a joyous life well-lived, that ended too soon. A poignant reminder that it all goes so fast, and opens me yet again of the importance of spending time with the people who lift you up and bring you joy-- those who vibrate at your level and don’t pull you down.

The range of emotions I’ve experienced over the last seven days left me feeling moved, grateful, exhausted - and strangely complete. I continue to be inspired by women who are interested in connecting to what moves them - to support and create meaningful moments, to celebrate the every day as well as the milestones - surrounded by those I love, and those who know how to love.