Modern Women Making Waves: Lorraine Rominger

Modern Women Making Waves: Lorraine Rominger This Q & A is an introduction to my dynamic friend Lorraine, and is the second in a series devoted to women who inspire me! These women motivate, challenge, encourage, and empower others — and share their talents and gifts in many different ways. I am pleased to shine a light on a woman who makes a difference, and beyond excited to read her first book, The Rangity Tango Kids! Lorraine and I met years ago while volunteering in the Junior League of San Francisco, and I was intrigued by her poise, calming presence, and humility in the midst of her many accomplishments. Recently I also discovered we share fifth generation California ties, and Central Valley roots — and we can all read about Lorraine's legacy of commitment to family, and the soulful connection to their farm, in her moving memoir. I really look forward to the release of her book on July 12th, and to hearing Lorraine speak as she promotes The Rangity Tango Kids in interviews and events over the next weeks. (Take a look at her upcoming events here:


Lorraine Rominger Author The Rangity Tango Kids

From the farm, to the city, and back again! Lorraine Rominger’s memoir, The Rangity Tango Kids, is a captivating chronicle of growing up on a fifth-generation Central California farm, surrounded by family. Lorraine writes from the heart, and her musings and memories capture the endearing people and special place that shaped her early years. Flash forward to an accomplished career - a runway model; years in the film and music industry in New York, Los Angeles, and France; a production coordinator for the rock star, Prince; a program producer at SportsChannel; and as executive director of the San Francisco Film & Video Commissions. Currently Lorraine is the Deputy Director of the Goldman Environmental Prize in San Francisco, the world's largest award for grassroots environmental leaders fighting to protect the Earth’s natural resources. In 2015, Lorraine purchased the family home in Winters - and the successful city girl plans to retire in the very place she first called home. Good advice is a gift — what is the best advice you’ve been given?

My Mom always told me to never give up on my dreams. To dream, and dream big.

What is on the top of your bucket list?

To take a boat ride through the Maldives and the Seychelles.

Who would you invite to your ideal Girl’s Night?

All of my best girlfriends.

What is your go-to piece of clothing?

My black handbag and black boots.

What do you sing when you are alone in your car?

Purple Rain

What was the best compliment you have received?

That I would do anything for my family and friends.

How has your life been different than you imagined?

I never had any children, and I always thought I would have a house-full of kids.

What is your most-used word? (And what word do you wish everyone would stop using?)

FAB. Whatever.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Robert Redford, and Klay Thompson.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Spending too much money traveling to far-off places.

What is your favorite museum?

The Louvre.

What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone?

Their handshake.