Moving Forward


The past week has certainly been an emotional one. My Facebook feed is still filled with images of so many friends - women, children, men - coming together- who were out to peacefully march, stand up for their beliefs, and make their voices heard. We’re just getting started. That is the message from the Women’s March organizers and participants, after millions of people worldwide took to the streets - literally - to walk the walk and talk the talk. As we move ahead I like to remember that it isn't necessarily about what I am AGAINST but it is about the rights and causes that we stand FOR preserving and making even stronger.  How to keep the momentum of the moment? So many women I know are asking ‘What’s next?’, as am I, so I’ve gathered a few links to organizations and campaigns to keep us engaged, and moving forward. Together. Ten different actions for the first 100 days from The Women’s March organizers:

Write letters and make calls - Countable makes it simple to follow issues that matter to you - and to contact the lawmakers who vote on those issues.

Promoting non-partisan actions the average person can take, this  social media campaign aims to get you active in community and government.

Keep the conversations going. This platform was created to make it easy to gather, plan, and hold each other accountable for action.

Only you know your #WhyIMarch passions - consider setting up monthly recurring donations to the causes you care most about.

Gloria Steinem said at the Washington March, “This is an outpouring of energy and true democracy like I have never seen in my very long life. It is wide in age, it is deep in diversity. Make sure you introduce yourselves to each other, and decide what we’re going to do tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, and we’re never turning back.”