Social Media Spring Cleaning

I recently went through my Instagram and Facebook accounts and did a little spring cleaning, to restore a little harmony with what I want from my social network relationships. One of the aspects of Instagram I loved from day one was the simplicity: a picture tells a story. Not a lot of text to read, no need to get heady or analytical - a single image conveying something inspirational or fun. It was such a welcome change compared to lengthy Facebook posts. As Instagram has grown, there are many accounts using more words than photos, including promotional verbiage, lengthy descriptions, and hashtags with the goal to attract followers. Often Instagram posts are shared to Facebook, so I can see the same posts on two platforms. Multiple daily posts that don’t add meaning or resonate with me --this is not how I want to spend my time scrolling through Instagram. For some of these accounts, much of the information being shared may be better suited to a blog, where people have the option to choose to visit if they would like to see more. So I recently made some edits to my Instagram account, de-cluttering to concentrate on what I want to see.

It’s important to look at what we truly want from our social media life. What is right for me may not be right for you. We all curate our social media presence (yep, we are usually posting the highlights!), and it’s important to curate our social media feed, as well. Additionally, last year Instagram’s chronological news feed was replaced with an algorithm driven feed, ordered to show the moments they believe you will care about the most. (hint: you may not). Be clear with yourself about what you want to see in your feed; with so much information coming at us through multiple social media channels it can be a major time drain if we are constantly scrolling through posts that don’t serve a purpose. My purpose is clear- I love seeing photos of friends and their families, beautiful places, positive messages, inspiring decorating ideas and other fabulous finds. What do you look forward to seeing on social media? Start there, and edit as you see fit!

Stay true to your purpose and curate a social media feed that matters to YOU. Love politics? Keep those posts coming. Don’t like the food pictures? Unfollow. Make sure the time you spend on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter fulfills your purpose - whether it’s laughter, inspiration, information, beauty, reality, ideas - clear the clutter!

Every Spring we talk about how good it feels to open the windows and clear out our space. Our homes and the clutter around us really affect mood and energy. The same is true for our internal environment - and now that we are all on social media, our online environments take up a fair amount of real estate in our lives. It's important to notice how what you are looking at on social media makes you feel, and if there is de-cluttering to be done, own it!


Outer order contributes to inner calm

-Gretchen Rubin


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