A Tale of Two Juicers


Remember when juice was just a choice between orange and apple? Before juicing became a verb, the decisions were pretty basic — and anything ‘fresh-squeezed’ was considered fancy + healthy. Wow! times have changed! In my experience, current juice-lovers fall into two categories:

• Buyers: Those who pick up bottles at all the fabulous pressed juice shops that have popped up everywhere over the last few years. Love them! At the beginning, I even ordered Fed Ex delivery from LA before the stores arrived in the Bay Area. I would stock the fridge with bottles and bottles. (kept my recycling bin brimming over) When the first shops opened in Northern California I would cross bridges, drive through tunnels, and even get parking tickets while getting my juice! Now quality bottled juices are available at grocery stores, corner markets and even Costco.

• Makers: This refers to the “do it at home” type of juice lover. These people are hitting Farmer’s Markets for huge bundles of kale, dark red beets, locally-sourced citrus…carrying it all home in recyclable bags, making a HUGE mess in the kitchen, and extracting a single cup of juice (I’m talking about my husband here!).

I am actually BOTH! I am a buyer-maker, and vacillate between both methods to get my juice fix. I am super excited about the latest addition to the juicing scene: Juicero, a company that promises to “leave chopping, cleaning, and other juicing hassles behind, and drink fresh raw juice on demand”. I love their farm-to-glass philosophy, and the thought of making fresh, organic cold-pressed juice by pushing a button on a compact countertop machine (that looks like an Apple product) in my own kitchen…well, that sounds amazing. The Juicero packs include flavors like sweet greens and carrot beet, delivered weekly to my door, and I will have zero excuse to not eat my fruits and veggies! Juicero is available in most of California now, and plans to expand nationwide…check it out here