Three "Energetic Edits" for the New Year

With a new year comes new opportunity … and at times the wealth of opportunities can be a little (or a lot!) overwhelming. Adding new activities, commitments, challenges, and goals is a common way to start out a fresh January, but in my experience it’s not always the best way to find movement and growth. Consider making 2017 the year you subtract, instead. Eliminate what holds you back from doing what you crave - whether it’s letting go of an obligation, consolidating your commitments, or stepping back from a difficult relationship - these subtractions are an important part of creating your intentional life. Here are three Energetic Edits I recommend for modern midlife women in search of more fulfillment, clarity, and room for what matters most. 1. Clutter clear your life regularly - your external environment AND your internal environment. Keep your physical space free of untidy collections of papers, piles of clothing, and other items that don't bring you happiness. Get comfortable with letting go of things that no longer serve you or bring you joy. Internally, become aware of the thoughts that regularly fill your mind. Are they positive? What kind of media/books/magazines are you consuming? How do they make you feel? Look at what you are able to release that would create space for more peace, happiness, and accomplishment in your life and home.

2. Eliminate energy vampires from your friendship circle. We all have them, and they come in all forms. You spend precious time listening to their ongoing issues either on the phone or in person…then suddenly you are exhausted and have nothing left for yourself. Pay attention to your personal energy and how people make you feel after conversations. Begin to cut down on time spent with people who do not bring lightness and comfort to your life.

3. Stop negative self talk. Our self talk has the power to affect the relationship we have with ourselves. Notice your internal dialogue and the things you're saying to yourself - the negative judgements, "I can't do that”, "I look awful”, "I'm so fat” “I’m so dumb" .... you get the idea. These words have great power over us. Be aware of the story you are writing, and don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend. Speak to yourself with love and kindness.

Editing our energy takes practice, so begin to cultivate awareness about how Clutter (in your home, head, and heart), Energy Vampires, and Negative Self Talk affect you - you can then begin to make the changes that will allow you to step fully into the intentions you have for your life!