Break the Mold

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

In a 75-minute breakthrough power session we will dive in, looking at where you are now to deepen the understanding of yourself, and determine your course of action to begin the process of change.


In a series of six coaching sessions we dive deeper, as you choose several focus points to address while working toward the purposeful, fulfilling life of your dreams.

Focus Points Include:

  • Write A New Story  Rediscover your personal passion and purpose, leading to your “next steps”.
  • Thrive In The Empty Nest  Make the most of this new chapter as you define steps to shift out of empty-nest mode and into full life.
  • Entrepreneurial Dream  Create a road map to launch your dream idea into reality.
  • C’mon Get Happy  Gain clarity on how to feel ageless and more inspired about your life.
  • Energy Edit  Uncover and direct energy toward something that has been calling you; get to the work in the world that you truly want to do.
  • Social Media Makeover Learn current, relevant social media marketing techniques and strategies to support your brand and business (or simply help you keep up with the kids!)
  • Balanced Body, Balanced Mind  Strategies for health and wellness that keep you balanced, focused, uplifted and at your energetic best.

Re-define and re-design the possibilities of midlife, and create a new vision of your future. 

I have been able to make decisions personally and professionally that reflect the life I want to live
— Margaret